Creative Children – Programs for the Future

Event Consult supports the organization CITYarts, Inc.

CITYarts, Inc. is a nonprofit arts and education organization, founded in 1989 by Executive and Creative Director Tsipi Ben-Haim.

To date, CITYarts has launched more than 320 projects that have transformed the community and influenced more than 200,000 children. Tsipi Ben-Haim has collaborated with more than 500 artists and over 1,500 sponsors and has hired more than 500,000 volunteers. CITYarts is widely regarded as a pioneer in the creation of the contemporary mural movement in New York City. Because of the long history of CITYarts, in which young people committed themselves to the beautification of their own neighbourhood, Tsipi Ben-Haim can say unreservedly: „When children create, they do not destroy.“

Children and young people develop their own projects in their neighbourhoods

CITYarts projects often promote community revitalization by encouraging businesses, schools, and community organizations to develop youth programs and build playgrounds and gardens. Thinking globally and acting locally – CITYarts‘ projects form bridges of cultural understanding and give young people the opportunity to play an active role in shaping their own future.

Berlin, Germany Peace Wall, 2013

This peace wall brings together Berlin and multicultural youth with students from different EU countries to create a mosaic that reflects Berlin’s complex and often tragic past, while at the same time looking to a peaceful future that today’s generation of European youth aspires to. The Peace Wall was built in the historic Mitte district on a street known to many as the „Street of Tolerance“ because of its proximity to the old Jewish cemetery, a landmark Protestant church, a historic Catholic hospital and a Jewish school.

In a city once best known for its division, the Peace Wall created in an emotionally charged and historically significant location is an important contribution to the community. This wall unites and celebrates the peaceful future that can be realized through the engagement of tomorrow’s leaders.

Event Consult GmbH has been supporting the work of Tsipi Ben-Haim in her projects in Berlin for many years.