Electric mobility conference hosted by the German Government in 2013

All sorted – With us you can be sure

For around 25 years, Event Consult has been offering complete organisational services for all kinds of events like congresses, conferences and meetings. For every project we produce an overview of all necessary steps and activities on the basis of a briefing by the client. This allows us to ensure that everything at the event happens in a concerted fashion and as a complete package. As part of this process, and as early as in the initial discussions with the client, all steps are planned in such a way as to make efficient use of time and resources.

We use the latest drawing software like AutoCAD and VectorWorks to visualise the corresponding exhibition space. This gives our clients an overview and allows them to always have control of what is going on. We also ensure compliance with all statutory provisions. Event Consult ensures that building inspectorate provisions are met and that the event has applied for and received the appropriate building inspectorate approval.