The event technology is installed carefully and professionally.

Let's go – We put you in the spotlight

Event Consult organises congresses and conferences as a complete package from beginning to end. The stage, whether it is part of a cultural programme or not, is an important part of the whole experience. A major element of the package is also perfectly functioning technology specially installed to meet your needs – for lighting, sound, video, projection or interpreting. From the first to the last minute of your event, you can rest assured that we will approach the job with expertise and precision every step of the way.

Our technicians and engineers can install a technical infrastructure to create the cool-headed atmosphere of a conference, the conviviality of a soiree or the hustle and bustle of a trade fair, depending on your concept and requirements.

We equip the lecture rooms with the necessary conference technology (sound, video, simultaneous interpreting and projection technology) and can make our suitably trained personnel available to operate it. All our personnel have extensive experience in the congress field.