Mobile – “transparent and neutral”

2nd Mobile Communications Summit: focus on improving network coverage

On June 16, 2020, mobile communications providers and representatives from the Federal Government, federal states and local authorities agreed on key points for nationwide coverage and the elimination of dead spots in Germany. Andreas Scheuer, Federal Minister of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, announced that the Federal Government will fund companies to erect masts and establish connections in future.

Federal Minister Julia Klöckner addressed the attendees of the Summit

In addition to the minister, Managing Director of the German Association of Cities Verena Göppert, Federal Minister of the Interior Horst Seehofer, and Federal Minister for the Environment Svenja Schulze also took part in the meeting at the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure. Managers of the three mobile providers Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone, Telefónica and of United Internet, parent company of 1&1, which acquired frequencies for EUR 1 billion at the 5G auction by the Federal Network Agency in 2019, were also invited.

At the event, Dorothee Bär, Minister of State for Digitalization at the Federal Chancellery and Federal Government Coordinator for Digital Affairs, said:

“It is important to me that you can not only make calls anywhere in Germany, but that you can also use your smartphone and apps when you’re out and about. Therefore, dead spots must finally become a thing of the past. I am pleased that, as the Federal Government, we share this goal with the federal states, municipal associations and mobile network operators, and that we are moving towards it together.”

Federal Transport Minister Scheuer wants to educate the population in a “transparent and neutral” manner

The Federal Minister for Transport also announced that approval procedures will be reduced from the current 18 months to three months – the industry has long been critical of the lack of approvals and protracted searches for suitable sites. But to do so, “we also need the federal states”, emphasized the minister in response to the many problems that need to be resolved with regard to the installation of suitable mobile communications masts.

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