Doors open – for children and astronauts

A great open house at the Ministry

The Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure hosted a children’s and family event within the scope of its open house on 26 August 2017. The event was held at the Ministry gardens at Berliner Invalidenstrasse.

Close-up with an astronaut

Young and older visitors could playfully explore the universe with astronaut Ulf Merbold and learn everything about being an astronaut. How fast does a spaceship travel, how does zero gravity feel and what does astronaut food taste like?

The event offered answers to the above and other interesting questions related to air and space travel. Meals were provided for young and adult visitors.

Learning and discovering

Visitors had the opportunity to get information about the work of the Ministry in the areas of digital infrastructure, mobility 4.0, investments and traffic safety. Visitors could also personally meet the robot Pepper to experience how lifelike robots are.

From visions to the future

It is still a vision. However, the new Munich train station could already be experienced in the form of a 3-D model through a hologram at the event, even though it will not be completed until 2028. The concept of a highly modern hologram box was presented.

The professionals at Event Consult make it possible

Event Consult GmbH had full responsibility for the technical organisation and implementation of the open house, i.e. the concept design, construction and equipment of the individual booths, printing all graphics and print products as well coordinating all trades on site.

Furthermore, Event Consult GmbH was responsible for organising the entire children’s and family event, which had an exciting program that parents and children enjoyed very much and that brought new insights.