Digitalization – shaping it sustainably

Federal Minister Wissing held an exchange on international digital policy

In a globally networked world, prosperity and growth increasingly depend on successfully exploiting the potential of digital transformation in all areas of life. With this in mind, joint initiatives were launched on the topics of sustainability and a favorable political framework at the meeting of the G7 digital ministers in Düsseldorf on May 10 and 11, 2022.

An important approach: Making digitalization sustainable from the start

In addition to the resolutions for more cybersecurity, the G7 countries have declared their support for a free internet and for sustainable digitalization.

The development and application of new digital technologies offers considerable potential for growth, development, innovation and social participation, which must be better exploited than in the past.


The war of aggression on Ukraine is also an Internet war

Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine was of great concern to the ministers at the G7 meeting. Especially because the war is not only taking place on the ground in Ukraine, but also online. The G7 digital ministers responded to this with a declaration on cyber resilience – the ability to withstand attacks on the Internet. In the long term, this will involve the reconstruction of digital infrastructure in Ukraine.

Inspired by the „spirit and energy“ of the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region

The state capital Düsseldorf is an international business center and stands for a globally networked entrepreneurial scene. The spirit and energy of the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region, which is undergoing a structural change from a traditional industrial location to a highly innovative location for science, served as inspiration for the meeting.

Event Consult provided the organizational framework for the meeting

Event Consult was required to use the full range of its skills in the context of the German G7 Presidency – this concerned both the organizational and the overall technical implementation.