Computer Games – Stars of the Cultural Industry

German Computer Game Award 2017

The gala to present the German Computer Game Award was held on 26 April 2017 at the WECC Westhafen Event & Convention Centre in Berlin. Aside from the moderator Barbara Schöneberger who was charming and funny in leading the audience through the evening, the Federal Minister of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, Federal Minister Alexander Dobrindt, also attended again this year. Head of the Senate Chancellery and Permanent Secretary for Media, Björn Böhning, made the welcome speech. The event is one of the most important meetings for creatives and investors, but also attracts many visitors and gamers.

Awards were presented for various disciplines:

• Best German game (includes a 110,000 Euro price)
• Best concept of up and coming game designers (includes a 90,000 Euro price)
• Best children game (includes a 75,000 Euro price)
• Best youth game (includes a 75,000 Euro price)
• Best game design (includes a 40,000 Euro price)
• Best production (includes a 40,000 Euro price)
• Best innovation (includes a 40,000 Euro price)
• Best serious game (includes a 40,000 Euro price)
• Best mobile game (includes a 40,000 Euro price)
• Best international game (without a cash price)
• Best international new game world (without a price)
• Best international multiplayer game (without a price)

Strongest sector in the cultural industry

The digital game industry has become the most important sector of the cultural industry worldwide and also increasingly in Germany. Digital gaming is more important than movies and TV. Games consoles are becoming ever more popular and mobile games have boomed in the last few years. The reason for the positive development are innovations in the virtual reality field and 3D glasses that can also be connected to play stations.

Celebrities and show acts

Once again, the event was supported by a sophisticated stage program and developed into an exciting and unforgettable evening with many big names. Especially the music of Mark Forster and his band as well as celebrities such as the show master Kurt Krömer, Barbara Schöneberger, Olivia Jones and the Federal Minister Alexander Dobrindt ensured that the gamers were not only among their own kind.

The largest number of submissions so far

The amount of cash prices as well as the number of submissions for the German Computer Game Award have never been as high. With the “Audience Award“, gamers were able to vote for their favourite game online. In 2017, the award office DCP gave away the highest cash price so far, Euro 550,000 and this year also had the highest number of submissions since the first award ceremony in 2009 with a total of 453.

Scenes like in a theme park

Some visitors were able to see running pyramids and others gave reports of a rusty 2D-world dominated by metals and hairy monsters. Furthermore, one could liberate a dragon through fights and by solving puzzles. These scenes are taken from the world of computer games, made in Germany.

Event Consult set the scene for a successful event

Event Consult GmbH worked closely with the event organizers to provide the all-around organisation and to make the evening a success for all participants. We do not consider our services related to the event location, the graphic and stage concept, production, catering, hostesses, print media, support and briefing of the moderator, presenters, cos players, exhibits, documentation as well as hotel booking “off-the-shelf“, but we are always developing and customizing them according to the current briefing of the client.