Computer Games – Pioneer in Digitization

Digitization transforms economy and society

Increasing digitization has changed the economy and society in more fundamental and dynamic ways than any innovation of the past decades. A pioneer in this development was and is the games industry. Video games were the driving force behind real-time networking and also revolutionised the development of interfaces and performance of computers.

German Computer Games Award 2016

The award ceremony was co-sponsored by the industry associations BIU e.V. and GAME e.V. in association with the Federal Minister for Transport and Digital Infrastructure, Alexander Dobrindt and took place on 7 April 2016. The event brought together creatives and investors, as well as a large number of visitors and games enthusiasts. As in previous years, games were ranked in a range of different disciplines. This year’s Games Award celebrated games in the following categories:

•  Best Young Talent Concept
•  Best Game Design
•  Best Visual Design
•  Best Innovation
•  Best International New Game World
•  Best International Multiplayer Game
•  Best Children’s Game
•  Best Teen Game
•  Best Serious Game
•  Best Mobile Game
•  Audience Award
•  Special Prize of the Jury
•  Best International Game
•  Best German Game

Fascination and passion make the difference

Portable consoles like the Game Boy paved the way for smartphones and tablets. The games industry has mastered the recipe for success in digitization – and shows that innovation is created where creativity, passion and fascination meet.

Celebrities mingle with enthusiastic visitors

The gala’s MC was Annett Möller from broadcaster RTL. Among the presenters of the awards were Alexander Dobrindt (Federal Minister for Transport and Digital Infrastructure), Ilse Aigner (Bavarian Minister of Economic Affairs and Media, Energy and Technology and Deputy Prime Minister), Dorothee Bär (Parliamentary State Secretary for Transport and Digital Infrastructure), Antoine Monot jr., LeFloid & Frodoapparat, Nova Meierhenrich and Kayar Yanar.

The event was accompanied by an exciting stage show. The Berlin Band MIA played some of their most popular songs, thus providing the right soundtrack for the event.

Event Consult made it all happen

Together with the sponsors of the event, Event Consult GmbH undertook the overall organisation and served as the interface for all parties involved. We were responsible for the exceptional venue, the visual and stage concept, stage direction, catering, hostesses, print media, support and briefing for MC, presenters, cosplayers, exhibits, documentation and hotel bookings, plus much more.