Witch It – Best German Game

German Computer Games Awards 2018

The presentation of the German Computer Games Awards took place on 10 April 2018 at the Kohlebunker and Kesselhaus in Munich. Bavarian State Premier Markus Söder took part along with moderator Barbara Schöneberger, who conducted the evening with charm and humour. Olli Schulz und Julie Elven provided the background music for the glamorous evening. Among other pieces, Elven included the soundtrack for Horizon: Zero Dawn and performed Aloy’s Theme and a song from Nier Automata.

The German Computer Games Awards were presented for the eleventh time this year. The event is considered one of the most important gatherings for creatives and investors and also inspires a large number of visitors and gamers.

The stage was stormed by prize-winners

They were the clear winners on the night: visibly moved, the German team involved in the hide & seek game Witch It came onto the large stage to receive the award for the Best International Multi-Player Game. They won against Monster Hunter World and Splatoon 2. The four developers from Barrel Roll Games did not know at first that there were two more awards for them that evening – for the Best Youth Game and for the major category “Best German Game”. The category “Best Innovation” was won by the VR escape room game HUXLEY. In Witch It, a group of hunters hunt a team of witches, who turn into objects and hide.

Prizes were again awarded for the different disciplines

• Best German Game (awarded 110,000 euros)
• Best Children’s Game (awarded 75,000 euros)
• Best Youth Game (awarded 75,000 euros)
• Best Serious Game (awarded 40,000 euros)
• Best Mobile Game (awarded 40,000 euros)
• Best Game Design (awarded 40,000 euros)
• Best Innovation (awarded 40,000 euros)
• Best Staging (40,000 euros)
• Best International Game (non-monetary prize)
• Best International New Game Environment (non-monetary prize)
• Best International Multi-Player Game (non-monetary prize)
• Young Talent Award with Concept (awarded 50,000 euros)
• People’s Choice Award
• Jury’s Special Award

Olli Schulz was one of the star guests, who were welcomed by Barbara Schöneberger and numerous other celebrity speakers including Nova Meierhenrich and Eva Padberg.

Event Consult provided the framework for the Munich event

The crew from Event Consult collaborated closely with the organisers to provide “all-round” organisation and to make the evening a success for everyone involved. The venue, the graphics and stage design, direction, catering, hostesses, print media, support for the moderator, presenters, cosplayers, documentation and hotel bookings are not off-the-shelf services, but are always developed from scratch and are tailored to the client’s current brief.