Data innovations – for green mobility

New forms of using data in transport

The mFUND Conference 2022 of the German Federal Ministry of Digital and Transport took place on September 13 and 14, 2022 under the motto „Data innovations for environmentally and climate-friendly mobility“ at the WECC – Westhafen Event & Convention Center.

The mFUND Conference is a showcase for new ways of using data in the transport sector. It shows how technological progress and digital innovation are helping to rethink mobility. It gives ideas on how all people – Europe-wide – can live together today and tomorrow. It whets people’s appetites for new things, inspires them and connects them.

Source: BMDV

A stage for new mFUND projects

The mFUND Conference 2022 is now the sixth event in this series and provides a stage to introduce new mFUND projects, present results of completed projects and take a look at the impact of the program.

The conference had an exciting program of presentations and sessions, with a special focus on the key topic „Data innovations for environmentally and climate-friendly mobility“. The highlight was the 4th BMDV Startup Pitch in the presence of Dr. Volker Wissing, Federal Minister of Digital Affairs and Transport.

Source: BMDV


Catalyst for data-based innovations

Since 2016, the mFUND has become a central catalyst for data-based innovations in the mobility, logistics and infrastructure sectors. With over 400 projects, the program is providing important stimulus in the field of digitalization and making a significant contribution to shaping an efficient, inclusive and environmentally friendly mobility of the future.

Source: BMDV


Event Consult handled organization and set-up

Event Consult GmbH handled all organizational tasks: search for a suitable location, room planning and implementation, creation of the event website, participant management, organization and all arrangements regarding catering and all other trades. In addition, Event Consult took care of the overall technical organization, the graphic design and creating the graphic concept and print products, on-site accreditation and hall support by our hostess team.